Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are not restricted to floor covering in homes alone, they are widely used in commercial settings. Commercial carpets are a big investment for companies as they are mostly spread from wall-to-wall in business houses. Carpets are often used to subdivide workstation cubicles from open spaces in offices. Maintenance becomes vital to protect the durability of this asset. Professional cleaning services offer suitable services at carpet cleaning Lanarkshire.

Largely, hot carbonating extraction method is used to life dirt and grime seated on the carpet fibre. Regular cleaning of carpets in organizations provide cleaner working environment for the employees and promotes healthier and sustainable business environment for customers.

Carpet Cleaning Lanarkshire

Equipment and Tools used in Industrial Carpet Cleaning Lanarkshire

Hotels, Conference Rooms, Wedding Reception Halls and many such commercial expanses use area rugs to decorate their lobbies and hallways. Cleaning of wide spread carpets or area rugs floored for industrial purposes require professional cleaning. Mostly buildings located in heavy traffic spaces are exposed to higher levels of pollution, resulting in faster cleaning requirement of carpets. Carpets in office areas are prone to increased abuse, owing to regular use and exposure to dust and dirt brought along from almost anywhere. Professional cleaners have the right tools and equipment that are designed for any kind of rug, whether synthetic, woollen, silk or any other.

Heavy vacuum motors with powerful, non-heated commercial carpet cleaning equipment, is used for advanced carpet cleaning Lanarkshire. Various designs and makes cater to specialized steam cleaning while offering different drying capacities, advanced and adjustable temperature control technology used for cleaning. Advanced carpet shampoos and absorbents are used to ensure stain free and odourless cleaning.

The process is usually three-fold, with vacuum, scrubbing and extraction respectively. Depending on the condition and size of the carpets, it may take up to 4 hours for drying commercially used carpets.


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