The citEcar ADA is an Absolutely Stunning Vehicle

There are a lot of electric shuttles available in the market but the citEcar ADA Enclosed Shuttle 11p 1 WC is simply fabulous because travelling in this vehicle can be a treat. The ride on this shuttle can simply be breathtaking due to the comfort and luxury along with the satisfaction that it can provide to the passengers. Even sitting on the rear of this vehicle can be enjoyable because sufficient care and concern has been taken in its design and construction that can be felt while on board. Many organizations have taken to it due to all these conveniences and have gained tremendously. We take a look here at some of its features that have helped it to be placed in ‘The Most Desired Electric Shuttle of all Times’.

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  • Conveniences offered by it are tremendous – As discussed earlier, this electric shuttle offer a plethora of services that generally can’t be expected from any electric vehicle of similar type. In addition to the comfortable seating arrangement, the shuttle is equipped with sufficient air-conditioning and heating arrangement so that passengers are at complete ease while travelling. This feature can be a cherry on the cake with so many other positives that adorn this vehicle. Moreover, the turning radius of 18 feet is a boon for it so that it can easily change its orientation in a space-cramped area.
  • The ADA compliance keeps it a notch above – Furthering the above discussion, one of the other takeaways of this electric shuttle is that it is ADA compliant which effectively means that person with disabilities can expect to travel up and down the vehicle quite easily. This is affected by an onboard wheel chair ramp with wheelchair tie downs and a light that is fully installed. There is also an option of customized seating layout so that room can be made for one full unit of wheelchair to be accommodated.

All these conveniences have proved to be of great help so that people often vouch for it.

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