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Investments are a risky business – Not really. Gone are the days when people settled for a smaller rate of return on their investments, and opted for guaranteed saving plans. The rapid development has led to increasing desires for material possession, and the inflation has gone up rapidly.

The debt instruments that attracted people from all over the world are not popular in the modern world of Globalization, as a result of which financial instruments that offer aggressive return on investment are getting popular. Forex trading is widely accepted by developed countries like US and UK, and is slowing establishing its footprints all over the world.

I Have No Idea on Forex Trading, How Can I Risk My Money?

Traders from all over the world are actively trading in foreign exchange and are making ransom profits. A few well known forex companies like JAFX give beginners the liberty to practice trading through demo accounts, where they don’t have to deposit any money or sign up. The demo account lets them practice virtual trading, and learn the tricks and fundamentals before getting ready to play with the real money.

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How Do I Deposit Money for Forex Trading?

Depositing money is never a hassle, well-established forex brokers provide you with the following options for adding funds-

  • Transfer Unlimited Amount through Wire Transfers
  • Transfer Unlimited Amount through Skrill
  • Bitcoin*
  • Make Payments through Credit Card/ Debit Card

Who Controls the Foreign Exchange Market?

Forex trading through foreign exchange markets has been popular over the years, and has helped millions of active traders make substantial profits. This leads to a million dollar question – Who controls the foreign exchange market?

Surprisingly, it’s the banks who are huge players in the foreign exchange market and account for a whopping 70% of daily trade. These financial institutions use the customer deposits and increase and generate a huge profit by trading currencies.

Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC are some of the active players in the foreign exchange.

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